Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer/ Stager

November 3, 2018

Here we’ve listed the top 10 reasons to hire.

1.)  As Designers we collaborate with you

Designer: Our Trained Eye, 3D rendering skills and active listening acumen all combine on your next design project.  For colors and textures, furnishings and art work that all blend seamlessly for a flawless outcome.

Inspired 3D Visuals

2.) We save you time and energy

Designer: By leveraging our fine-arts education with experience and first hand knowledge, we equip our clients with realistic expectations.  Our expertise at work for you where timelines, quality and craftsmanship are concerned.

3.) We save you resources

Designer: Investing in your number one asset can result in a major ROI (return on Investment). As your designer we know the Phoenix area well.  We shop locally and online with lots of experience with the best vendors who can deliver a quality product and service.

Kitchen Rendering

4.) We offer Creative Problem Solving Solutions

Designer: We introduce options that are space saving and forward thinking.

5.) Moving your project from ideas to installation

Designer: We collect the concept and gather the resources all while staying within your desired budget.

6.) We help Unlock your Plans Potential

Designer: Clients can skip over the frustration of going it alone when it comes to their redesign project.  We study what’s new and remarkable all day so we’re able to blend trends and what’s timeless.

7.) We Connect you with past client Experiences

Designer: Sourcing for a project has never been more simplified, but along with that luxury comes more potential for unexpected pit falls.  Let us navigate the trade and logistics of your redesign for a well thought out and streamlined design experience.

Scottsdale Mountain Project

8.) We provide cohesive elements to your project

Designer: Often nothing feels worst than decor that’s detached and ungrounded.  As your design staff we make practical recommendations to recenter your environment and bring spacial awareness into your home.

9.) Applying Design Principles can improve your well being

Designer:  Did you know your interior design can impact your well-being? With a bit of fine tuning between color and texture, we can massage your space to one that’s beautiful, functional, organized and inviting.

10.) We act as your mediator and advocate 

Designer: Welcome dependability! From helping you with compromises to hints on where to spend and splurge.  Our reliable vendors, contractors and crafts people can eliminate the shock and disappointment of a poorly planned project.

For more information or to schedule an 0n-site Consultation just call us!

How Soon Will Our Furnishings Be Delivered?

September 1, 2017

So up to this point we’ve covered your Initial Consultation, the Follow Up Appointment and now you’re ready to accept the Furniture delivery.

1.) For Locally Sourced Furnishings

If all items are in stock and available you will have the room furnished within 14-31 days.  This date does not include custom drapery panels, special order lighting fixture installation or made-to-order furnishings.  We can give you a better idea of your installation date during your Second Consultation.  Keep in mind this is our general delivery time for furniture.  Appliances, flooring and counter tops will vary.  Other factors that can effect your timeline are Holidays or natural disasters.  This 14-31 days also pertains to locally ordered items from retail establishments.  When items are purchased online I like to allow an additional 7-14 business days as a precaution.

Custom Furniture Ordering Delivery

A time frame between 45-90 days is typical for custom furnishings.   This is when clients specify the fabric, frame size and wood finishes of their special ordered furniture.  While this luxury option is mainly offered by high end retailers the reward of a cohesive interior can go along way to creating a distinguished and polished home feel.

Accessories and Finishing Touches

For clients who just need Home accents, accessories and finishing touches we advise an expectation between 7 -14 days for delivery.  This only applies when items are locally sourced and in stock.

2.) A Single Streamlined Delivery is Preferred

We do like to have one streamlined delivery of all items, rather than a piece by piece delivery.  This allows us to have a better handle on quality control, should anything arrive damaged from their warehouse.  If we are able to quickly manage any disruptions like scratches or denting up front, this can greatly increase the success of your project.

3.) Initial Consultation Parameters

Further discussion of how you’d like to accept delivery will take place at the Initial Consultation appointment.  Please prepare to have a block of time between 3-7 hours for the Installation appointment.  Each project is different and requires a varied amount of time for receiving.  Keep in mind our most successful projects accept delivery at one single appointment.

3D Design Edge provides the fashion forward homeowner with Interior Design and Staging services. Call us today for more details.

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What clients are saying

August 23, 2017

We believe there’s nothing like doing what you’re truly passionate about.  Our work is so rewarding because of the lives we’re able to change through the design process.  And because design has such a huge impact on clients everyday lifestyle, we love hearing back from them.  From full home staging to redesigns to floor plans for Realtors, the greatest compliment we receive is our past clients referrals.

Furniture Floor Plan

This floor plan was added to the homes listing packet and helped this agent sell this home in less than 70 days.

“Great work.
I was very impressed. ”
Debra A., Gilbert, AZ

Karen’s Response:

“Thank you so much for the opportunity, Debra!  It was great working with you and the homeowner”

“Karen helped me design a smaller living
space to appear larger…
We added a mirror which I never would have thought of which made the kitchen look larger…
we created a wonderful sitting area with a couple of chairs and room for dancing which is my passion. I got to know Karen a little more and she is a beautiful person inside and out. ”
Yovanna F., Scottsdale, AZ

Karen’s response:

“What a beautiful spirit and lovely home.  I loved working with you too Yovanna!”

“Karen’s fantastic! We love our home, thanks to Karen’s
design ideas. She kept our contemporary style in mind, while
Incorporating most of our existing furnishings and decor. We get tons of compliments! She’s so easy to work with; we would hire her again in a heartbeat…”
Millie, Glendale, AZ

Karen’s response:

“Such a lovely family, I really enjoyed getting to know you better and working through your living and dining room décor!”


“Karen is professional, creative and helpful!
She made the design process fun, thorough, and ideal for my home.”                       Katy H., Glendale, AZ

Karen’s response:

“Katy, we can’t wait to see how the renovation comes together.  You are such a joy to work with”


“We hired Karen to help with the staging process to sell our home. I am so thankful that Karen was referred to us. She had great suggestions on what needed to be removed, how things should be placed and a design palette that was perfect for my taste. karen was honest about the work that needed to go into the process and the cost was reasonable and worth every dollar. If we need another Interior Designer in the future, I would definitely call Karen again!”

Beth S., Queen Creek, AZ

Karen’s response:

“Thank you Beth, we were delighted to work with you and your family on this Staging.  Wishing all the best in your new home!”

“One word that sums up my experience working with 3D Design Edge is… Wow! Karen and her team were fabulous to work with. My expectations were met-100%. They were professional, knowledgeable and executed the plan for the task at hand. I plan to work with 3D Design Edge again for future projects.”

Erica D., East Valley, Arizona

Karen’s response:

“Amazing team effort Erica, we loved how everything turned out and to have an above asking offer on the first showing!  Well, it took our breathe away, thank you for the opportunity.”

“Karen and her team are amazing! I would recommend her to anyone. her customer service and details are top notch!”

Greg P., Scottsdale, AZ

Team 3DDE response:

“Greg it’s been amazing getting to know you,  we look forward to seeing how this project comes together.  Thanks for the awesome review.”

3D Design Edge provides the fashion forward homeowner with Interior Design and Staging services. Call us today for more details.

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What if I need to make late changes?

July 15, 2017

Late changes, at one time, was the leading cause of concern for clients moving through the design process.  Now thanks to the advances in innovation and technology we are able to take a lot of clients fear out of the equation with 3D software.  Here’s how the industry has improved the confidence of our Design clients.

1.) Renderings add Visual Value-

From traffic patterns, to colors and finishes,  a rendering can answer many material and placement questions similar to labor intensive hand drawings of the past.  I feel fortunate to have learned both types of artistry in my Fine Arts training.   It’s given me an intense appreciation for original sets of drawings are created.

The convenience of CAD is one reason so many companies invest it’s software.  Clients who are concerned about changes, once they see the drawings, are able to reimage their spaces true potential.  With out these important renderings it can be difficult to imagine how a room will tie together.  Which is why we utilize them.

2.) Why we advise against late changes-

When it comes to feeling unsettled, there’s typically uneasiness surrounding a decision.  Late changes are simply the result of a clients unanswered questions.  Second guessing unfortunately creates an undesired domino effect.  A better way to handle this insecurity is with your Follow Up Appointment.  This uncertainty is resolved as your Designer shows and explains how each piece fits.  Moving forward, each item is selected to compliment your homes story.  If you’re upfront about your lifestyle and priorities it’s much less likely that late changes become an issue down the road.

Story Board

3.) The downside of late changes- Fees

Going outside the initial parameters, results in a less positive outcome.  Re-stocking fees are one consequence.  Billings occur to cover the design staffs time factor.  These are fees that could be avoided.

Keep in mind- When items are out-of-stock or on back order, the change order should go through your Designer.  These are late changes that are non-fee based decisions.  Your designer is trained to manage your project in high detail.  We can also visualize the end result and select the next best option.

4.) The other side of the coin- Early Purchases

Because of our years of experience in the field, we can usually tell how a project will unfold based on how much a client purchases prior to the consultation.  We’ll discuss this further at your Initial Consultation.


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Project Programming – Phase I

May 1, 2017

A Design Plan for Success

First things first, we appreciate your interest!.  We love working with clients and the very first steps in getting to know them is what we refer to as the Initial Consultation.  This is a short introduction to the firm and how design operates.  While we’re uniquely interested in what’s important to our clients this short orientation reveals our background and how we organize their project.

Traditional Office

Involve the Designer as soon as possible

Our  Initial Consultation usually takes 2-3 hours and it’s a chance for clients to become more comfortable with sharing their likes and preferences. Briefly speaking with us by phone prior to this appointment helps clients feel better equipped to schedule this first appointment.  So let’s discuss some of what you can expect.

1.) Project Goals

We begin your project with a room-by-room assessment. It’s the discovery of  your likes or dislikes regarding your current arrangement. Full disclosure of budget and timeline parameters will help us gauge the scope of the project. During this process we’ll also collect before picture as a reference for your floor planning needs

2.) Style Guide

The resource of our Style Guides helps us narrow and articulate your preferences.  Not to mention it joins our ideas to communicate our vision. This proprietary feature is exclusive to our firm and each item was hand pick by our qualified design staff.  Furthermore, the Style guide covers furnishings, artwork, accessories and lighting that we as designers find irresistible.

3.) Wish-list and Color Palette Creation

In addition to the Style guide we compile a snap shot of what’s important to you.  This invaluable piece of the puzzle is better known as your wish list and color palette.  With everything involved in completing your project these two samples help consolidate your progression.  Moreover, we update you weekly so there is no guess work about what’s happening next.

4.) Measurements for scale and proportions

We always take measurements regardless of project size.  Equally important are the drawings we generate after the appointment.  In light of what’s available in stores, these drawings communicate our teams collaborative vision.  Additionally, we’re able to see what’s possible before making major purchases. Furthermore 2D and 3D visuals also help other contractors involved in your projects completion and timeline.

5.) Setting the Delivery Date

Despite all the apps and time management software, this is the area where we find our clients struggle the most.  By setting a estimated completion date we’re ensuring all parties unite towards a common goal.  Otherwise we’re left in the dreaded wishful thinking zone where no project is ever set for completion.  Above all we want to see you reach your design goals so by having a firm date in mind we will help you plan for project success.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.



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Furniture Hallmarks of Quality

March 15, 2017

Are you preparing to purchase major furniture pieces? Perhaps you’re looking at furniture stores or online and wondering if the quality measures up.  Let’s be honest not every family has similar lifestyle needs?  Is important you know what to look for and what to ignore.  Thankfully our extensive background in furniture retail allows us to advise clients.  We can study a piece and recommend what will hold up and what to forgo when it comes to furnishings.

1.) Construction Knowledge

Restoration cabinet

Because furniture is a big investment, there are many industry standards and terms you need to be aware of.   Knowing some basic construction terminology will equip you to make the smartest choices.  We cover basic industry terminology at the Initial Consultation and follow up appointments.

2.) Soft goods and Case Goods

Phoenix High Rise project


Sourcing for these furnishings may seem a little daunting, and rightly so, your making important decisions that have a long term impact on your family.

Case goods for example come in different price points because of the these hallmarks.  Dovetail drawers are a sought after quality for Bedroom and Living Room furniture.  Corner blocking and reinforced backing are also indicative of good craftsmanship.  How a sofa or chair are manufactured are paramount in rooms our clients use on a daily basis.  The fabric rub test may also determine the life of your soft goods.

3.) Quality coveys maturity

Depending on where your at with your finances, it’s likely that at some point you’re fed up wasting money on disposable pieces.  You’ll likely transition to being ready to embark on adult worthy furniture.  Maybe it’s not to impressed your family and friends but instead show your loved ones you’re interested in putting down roots.

Sample Board


We make it a point to take caution regarding the cushion make-up and fabric wear ability to help guide clients towards quality selections within their parameters.  Case-goods are just as important with prices ranging greatly.  Things to consider especially in Arizona are the kiln dried process and number of steps in the staining and finishing process.  You don’t want to order something that will fall apart coming off a container or become distress while your on an extended vacation.

4.) Stretching your budget

While there is nothings wrong with starting off modestly, there ARE some hallmarks that will stretch your furniture budget much farther in the long run.  Our designer is happy to accompany you on this journey.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.


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Instant Room Refresh With Pillows

January 15, 2017

With the start of a new year it’s important to ask “Have you been neglecting your home environment?”  We’re not asking to judge because we’ve certainly all been there.  You wake up one day and home just feels ordinary.  If this is something you can relate to- keep reading for our tips on how to refresh your space.

1.) Compliment & Coordinate with Pillows

A new pillow update is the perfect answer for a quick and elegant update.  We love a good pillow swap out for a simple and affordable room re-design.  Why not complete your spruce up by coordinating window treatments, bedding and coverlets for perfectly paired feel

2.) Custom Pillows

With so many great choices and the opportunity for one-of-a-kind pillows, we mix and match for your most remarkable makeovers.  Want to really up your stylish factor?  Think custom.  It’s the perfect alternative to retail offerings and makes your space pop.  When we can’t locate exactly what you’re looking for in stores we turn to our textile library and really have fun with coordinating fabrics.  Taylor-made works best when you need a swoon worthy redesign.  And it’s exactly why model homes always look and feel so pulled together.

3.) Sourcing

For clients who want something special, 3D Design Edge can custom make your pillow selections.  We have a full library of in-stock fabrics and decorative trim to choose from.  There are so many more options that we offer in our Digital Look Book- available for preview at the Initial Consultation appointment.


3D Design Edge provides the fashion forward homeowner with Interior Design and Staging services. Call us today for more details.

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When should I schedule my Initial Consultation?

January 15, 2017

You’ll want to make sure you’re ducks are in a row before meeting with your Designer for the Initial Consultation.  This assessment and measuring appointment last 2-3 hours and sets the tone for project success. The timeline however depends on where you’re at in the process.  We recommend calling to schedule as soon as possible.  Our Designer has extensive experience in Home Styling and Furniture Retail so you’ve want to include her in the decision making, early on.  Be sure to check out the related article: Hallmarks of Quality  as well as Your Initial Consultation for more information on how to get started.

1.) Fresh Start with First of the Year Scheduling

Many clients like to schedule at the beginning of the year.  Things settle from the Holidays and they’re ready to tackle the next home project.  Because of the accelerated nature of retail recommendations budgeting needs to be firmly in place.  In this case if you’re looking to use cash rather than credit we recommend after your income tax return is secured.

2.) New Home Scheduling

If you’ve purchased a new home and are looking to go into the design process with your builder, I’d recommend a consultation ASAP.

3.) Important Information…

While we do provide an estimate for services, your Designer can only work with what you have available.  We do not offer financing so you’ll need to be prepared with your investment.  At your first Consultation we’ll go into greater detail about how we recommend allocating funds for your project if you need advisement on how on get started.

4.) Pulling the details of your project together

Once the renderings are completed, we’ve found, the most cohesive projects allow the Designer to make purchases on behalf of their clients.  This means at the Follow Up Appointment when you’re ready to move forward with our suggestions, we’ll collect payment for the rooms completion.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details

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Reflecting Your Style- Mirrors

April 1, 2016

Who else remembers when mirrored backsplashes were a trend? Wow what a time, can you believe how much things have changed?  While we learned about this trend on HGTV, we can  truly appreciate  how mirrors help to open and brighten our spaces.  Their charm is remarkable and adds an elegance to any room.  In your average home, mirrors can elevate the environment with little effort and that’s what makes them an accessory to highlight.

1.) Style-

Mirrors range from traditional to modern and spark the interest of guest when they’re visiting.  Their beauty and mystery is limited only by our imagination as custom options now cater to those demanding uncommon features like LED back lighting or unique antique washing.

2.) Hallmarks of Quality-


Some  indications of time honored quality and details include labor intensive finishing processes like beveling and antiquing.  The frame finishing in a high gloss lacquer or distressing can also accentuate the beauty of your mirror.  Intricate lattice frame work or pewter nail heads offer visual interest.  And often gold leafing or inlay work in the frame provide clues to an old world reproduction.  Recent years have given way to trends we love like shagreen framed mirrors and the timeless combination of mirror on mirror framing.

3.) Location-

3D Visual Rendering

Our featured image shows door size mirrors on closet doors.  For a twist from the conventional locations in Bathrooms and above nightstands, think bar carts, serving trays, coffee table tops and decorative boxes.  Where ever you choose to place these handsome gems their likely to engage conversation from your guest.

Did you know than now there are even TV / mirror combinations that work wonders in unconventional spaces?  When a room has to function for multiple duties like an office doubling as the Dining Room this can be an exceptional alternative!

via Pinterest

4.) Sourcing-

Some of the vendors we prefer include but are not limited to Mirror Image, Global Views, Worlds Away and Uttermost.  Many of our favorites are collected in our Designer Look-book, which is available for preview at your Initial Consultation.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.


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Finding the Perfect Floor Art – Rugs

November 12, 2015

On a recent completed commission, we mapped out this article for our client newsletter. Since then others have asked about our rug expertise. Here is a brief summary of terms and variations we evaluate when helping our clients select the perfect rug.

1.) Style-

The style of your room is it Traditional, Transitional or Contemporary? Without going too into detail the room style will tell whether to choose an Antique Washed, Geometric or Minimal patterned rug.

2.) Material: Natural vs Synthetic

Furthermore, Floor Art can be divided into two more genres: Natural vs. Synthetic make-up. Your natural will consist of fibers like wool, silk, jute, or cotton/ blend.

3.) Coordination- sofa, pillows, window treatments.

To truly weave your room elements together, the color and texture are carefully considered. Your rugs fabrication and pattern should not overpower the rest of the rooms’ composition. Rather like a symphony of sounds, it should complement the other components in the space.


Geometric- Transitional

4.) Retail vs Online-


Because of the intricacies involved in rug selection, we typically source locally unless quality is less of a factor. For example if the rug is going into a Play room or Childs space where it will be replaced in the next couple of years.

5.) Construction-

Tiles, handmade, custom or machine made
This is the leading determinant of floor arts price point. Tiles are a great alternative in a kid’s room or play area. Handmade rugs are more labor intensive and generally cost more where custom rugs are ideal when a non-standard size is needed. Machine made rugs are the most widely available but lack flexibility when it comes to traditional color ways.

6.) Wear Ability and Maintenance-

When we’re discussing how durable a carpet is it’s best to look at how and what it’s made of. This is why you like to source in person, to gauge a rugs quality and make-up. There are strength test that help conclude how well a rug will hold up again every day wear and tear. In the way of maintenance, regular vacuuming to remove dirt will preserve the fibers from dismantling your floor art. Having a professional cleaning once a year for natural fiber rugs is recommended.

3D Visual Rendering

7.) Pad & Pricing Considerations

The pad we most commonly recommend for Arizona rugs is perfect for wood, tile or carpet installations. We bring a sample to the Follow-Up to demonstrate high quality and value. It is suggested for non-slip, helping the rug lay flat and holds up well without fear of it melting during the hot summer months.

How Rug Selection works:

At your Follow-Up Consultation- your Designer will have elected the best choice they found among thousands of options. This single selection is best suited for your Design Program based on the other elements within the space. Your rooms scale, other textiles, flooring and wall color all play a factor in this selection. We also consider color coordination, budget and timeline in making this choice. All in an effort to complete your rooms cohesive story.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.

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