Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer/ Stager

November 3, 2018

Here we’ve listed the top 10 reasons to hire.

1.)  As Designers we collaborate with you

Designer: Our Trained Eye, 3D rendering skills and active listening acumen all combine on your next design project.  For colors and textures, furnishings and art work that all blend seamlessly for a flawless outcome.

Inspired 3D Visuals

2.) We save you time and energy

Designer: By leveraging our fine-arts education with experience and first hand knowledge, we equip our clients with realistic expectations.  Our expertise at work for you where timelines, quality and craftsmanship are concerned.

3.) We save you resources

Designer: Investing in your number one asset can result in a major ROI (return on Investment). As your designer we know the Phoenix area well.  We shop locally and online with lots of experience with the best vendors who can deliver a quality product and service.

Kitchen Rendering

4.) We offer Creative Problem Solving Solutions

Designer: We introduce options that are space saving and forward thinking.

5.) Moving your project from ideas to installation

Designer: We collect the concept and gather the resources all while staying within your desired budget.

6.) We help Unlock your Plans Potential

Designer: Clients can skip over the frustration of going it alone when it comes to their redesign project.  We study what’s new and remarkable all day so we’re able to blend trends and what’s timeless.

7.) We Connect you with past client Experiences

Designer: Sourcing for a project has never been more simplified, but along with that luxury comes more potential for unexpected pit falls.  Let us navigate the trade and logistics of your redesign for a well thought out and streamlined design experience.

Scottsdale Mountain Project

8.) We provide cohesive elements to your project

Designer: Often nothing feels worst than decor that’s detached and ungrounded.  As your design staff we make practical recommendations to recenter your environment and bring spacial awareness into your home.

9.) Applying Design Principles can improve your well being

Designer:  Did you know your interior design can impact your well-being? With a bit of fine tuning between color and texture, we can massage your space to one that’s beautiful, functional, organized and inviting.

10.) We act as your mediator and advocate 

Designer: Welcome dependability! From helping you with compromises to hints on where to spend and splurge.  Our reliable vendors, contractors and crafts people can eliminate the shock and disappointment of a poorly planned project.

For more information or to schedule an 0n-site Consultation just call us!

Happy Mothers Day 2018

May 7, 2018

Wondering what to gift that special Mom who seems to have everything?  Gift cards now available just in time for Mothers Day!

Celebrate a New Room refresh package and gift her

a small token of your appreciation for all that she

pours into you and your loved ones!

3D Design Edge stylist and Design professionals are inspired by a classic modern sensibility.  Call today to schedule your Initial Consultation.

Warm and Cozy Christmas Decor

December 1, 2017

Like many of you, this time of year is so near and dear to us.  And we believe making home warm and inviting is never more important than during the Holidays.

With that said, I simply couldn’t resist sharing what’s new and  inspiring to us in Holiday Home Décor.  With themes like Modern/ Minimal & Mixing Metals still going strong, we gather with grateful hearts full of joyful expectations.  Entertaining at Christmas for us is all about being surrounded with loved ones, engulfed in great food and lingering hot cocoa conversations.  With so much to look forward to, it’s easy to get excited about the reason for the season.

We appreciate the effort our families made during this time as we find our own family traditions.  What sticks with us most are the time and energy spent working to make each Holiday special.  Décor and ambiance play such a big role in making those moments magical and inspiring.  Here are our top finds for this festive season.  Tell us what you love most about this time of year.


1.) Christmas Entry

For us it starts with first impressions.  I love being welcomed into a well lit entry with a hint of glam.  The Entry table sets the tone for what to expect through the rest of the home.  If you’re needing extra seating for guest we suggest the additional ottomans tucked neatly under the console.

High End- three simple updates elevate this everyday space to Holiday ready: wreath, candles and ornaments in bowl

Savvy Selections: add shimmer with wreath wrapped candles.


2.) Buffet Décor

The next area we’ll focus on is the buffet table.  Here is one  place that you can have a little more fun and really put your stamp of individuality.  This is typically in the Dining Room but in larger homes you will find them through out the halls for extra storage.  I like the whimsical feel of the Metallic Mix.  If you prefer rich color I like the contract of hanging simple snow flake ornaments from the door hardware.  Also the pop of red adds some nice layering of color for greater visual interest.  


3.) Holiday Dining Decorations

Ready to just start somewhere?  We recommend the main event area, your dining space.  This is where all the magic of lingering conversation takes place.  I love the idea of keeping this area special with little details like hanging mini wreaths on the back of dining chairs.  Selecting some shimmer for the table top is perfect and don’t forget to set the mood with your favorite Holiday playlist and beautifully lit, unscented candles.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.


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Thanksgiving 2017

November 21, 2017

Rounding out the end of November is our Thanksgiving celebration.  This and every year we have so much to be grateful for.  There’s so much to do in preparation for family dinner, but we had to take a moment to thank our clients, followers and vendors for another amazing year.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Super Efficient Kitchen Command Center

November 7, 2017

First things first, a big thank you to our past clients for another amazing year.  We appreciate hearing from you and strive to keep you up to date on what’s fresh and interesting in design.  To those of you who are new in joining us here on the blog, welcome.  Feel free to email us your questions and please subscribe to our newsletter via our contact page.

This past week we were inspired by first time homeowners looking to settle into a home cooking routine.  When they sent in the email we thought we’d share what’s worked best for us.  Setting up your own Kitchen Command Center takes only a few minutes but we believe it is so worth the effort.  So let’s get started.

1. Location & Menu Planning-

For us the best location of the Command Center is next to Refrigerator.  This location is ideal because the return wall is easy to post your board on.  It also is easy to update your board frequently when you need to jot items on your grocery list.

I usually begin the week by using plain index cards to menu plan.  Yes, it’s true, I’m old school that way and even though there are plenty of apps to help with this, for me it’s just easier to sit down and write it out each week.  I use the weekly menu to then build my grocery list.

2. Growing Grocery List-

To help us remember what’s needed at home, I created a mini grocery spreadsheet to remind me each week of what needs to be replenished.  I typically print them on bright colorful paper. This is a lifesaver when it comes to home necessities like cleaning products and contact solution. It’s all in one place and I keep blank copies handy on our corkboard next to the fridge.

3. Popular Snack or Dishes-

For main dishes and sides I like to mix it up often. So with that in mind I’ll post recipes in sheet protectors on that very same corkboard. For me, quick reference cards are key in the Kitchen, so these come in handy. These can become especially helpful  if you like to snack healthy or are following a new meal plan.

4. Mini Calendar and Emergency Numbers-

If you like a clean fridge, add your family magnets and a mini calendar on the cork board in lieu of your refrigerator.  Another great item to keep handy and at your finger tips- on the cork board of course.  Gradually you may want to add Community Information like HOA info, bulk trash or annual garage sale days.


Kitchen Elevation


5. Keeping it Simple:

Most importantly, be safe and have fun with this, it doesn’t have to be fancy but it does need to be safe if you have little ones in the house.  We suggest swapping tiny magnets and push pins for stickers instead. The goal here is to  start your Command Center and begin implementing this new habit of meal planning.  This 5 minute project works wonders if you apply it. Don’t complicate it, next time you’re out shopping, grab some cork board, a frame, stickers or push pins and index cards (for recipes).

When you get home, cut the cork board to size and post it in your desired location. Make it pretty with a picture frame or cover it in contact paper, if you like.  Voila! Your project is complete and your on your way to building a healthy habit. This for me was an especially gratifying 5 minute project. It helps our family stay healthy and on budget.  We hope this was informative, tell us what will you re-imagine today?

3D Design Edge is a full service interior design firm offering a wide range of home styling services to clients looking to improve their environment.  Call us today for more details.

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If you like a clean fridge, add your family magnets and a mini calendar on the cork board in lieu of your refrigerator..

Desert Friendly Greenery

October 1, 2017

We love quality greenery and these suggestions are no exception.  Without the least bit of effort they accomplish so much.  Every trip to market there is something new and surprising, so we thought we’d share a few gems that have inspired our studio.  These are just a few of our low-maintenance picks to add warmth and personality to your home decor.

1.) Score Major Style Points with Succulents

Adding miniature succulents is a sure way to upgrade your décor.  They are not only practical but can help create that polished look we find in magazines.  We love mixing these into all of our projects here in the desert to add to the charm and character of cozy desert living spaces.

Add elegance to a book shelfor soften a coffee table with these great looks

2.) Picture a perfectly layered vignette

Adding greenery above your cabinets without over doing it can welcome the outdoors in.  By layering botanicals with other decorative elements creates a more inviting environment for your loved ones.   Plus we love the look without the up keep.  Did you know we can arrange these and other florals by hand for your project?

3.) Create an Elegant Table Setting

If your looking to bring nature indoors but aren’t sure where to start may we suggest the timeless elegance of topiaries.  They work well with most décor schemes and are a great addition to any room.  Plus if you want a more organic look, these topiaries are one of our favorite accessories.  They are perfectly manicured and add a touch of whimsy without the fuss of regular watering.  Just remember to spritz the leaves every other week or so to keep them looking and smelling fresh.


3D Design Edge provides the fashion forward homeowner with Interior Design and Staging services. Call us today for more details.

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How Soon Will Our Furnishings Be Delivered?

September 1, 2017

So up to this point we’ve covered your Initial Consultation, the Follow Up Appointment and now you’re ready to accept the Furniture delivery.

1.) For Locally Sourced Furnishings

If all items are in stock and available you will have the room furnished within 14-31 days.  This date does not include custom drapery panels, special order lighting fixture installation or made-to-order furnishings.  We can give you a better idea of your installation date during your Second Consultation.  Keep in mind this is our general delivery time for furniture.  Appliances, flooring and counter tops will vary.  Other factors that can effect your timeline are Holidays or natural disasters.  This 14-31 days also pertains to locally ordered items from retail establishments.  When items are purchased online I like to allow an additional 7-14 business days as a precaution.

Custom Furniture Ordering Delivery

A time frame between 45-90 days is typical for custom furnishings.   This is when clients specify the fabric, frame size and wood finishes of their special ordered furniture.  While this luxury option is mainly offered by high end retailers the reward of a cohesive interior can go along way to creating a distinguished and polished home feel.

Accessories and Finishing Touches

For clients who just need Home accents, accessories and finishing touches we advise an expectation between 7 -14 days for delivery.  This only applies when items are locally sourced and in stock.

2.) A Single Streamlined Delivery is Preferred

We do like to have one streamlined delivery of all items, rather than a piece by piece delivery.  This allows us to have a better handle on quality control, should anything arrive damaged from their warehouse.  If we are able to quickly manage any disruptions like scratches or denting up front, this can greatly increase the success of your project.

3.) Initial Consultation Parameters

Further discussion of how you’d like to accept delivery will take place at the Initial Consultation appointment.  Please prepare to have a block of time between 3-7 hours for the Installation appointment.  Each project is different and requires a varied amount of time for receiving.  Keep in mind our most successful projects accept delivery at one single appointment.

3D Design Edge provides the fashion forward homeowner with Interior Design and Staging services. Call us today for more details.

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What clients are saying

August 23, 2017

We believe there’s nothing like doing what you’re truly passionate about.  Our work is so rewarding because of the lives we’re able to change through the design process.  And because design has such a huge impact on clients everyday lifestyle, we love hearing back from them.  From full home staging to redesigns to floor plans for Realtors, the greatest compliment we receive is our past clients referrals.

Furniture Floor Plan

This floor plan was added to the homes listing packet and helped this agent sell this home in less than 70 days.

“Great work.
I was very impressed. ”
Debra A., Gilbert, AZ

Karen’s Response:

“Thank you so much for the opportunity, Debra!  It was great working with you and the homeowner”

“Karen helped me design a smaller living
space to appear larger…
We added a mirror which I never would have thought of which made the kitchen look larger…
we created a wonderful sitting area with a couple of chairs and room for dancing which is my passion. I got to know Karen a little more and she is a beautiful person inside and out. ”
Yovanna F., Scottsdale, AZ

Karen’s response:

“What a beautiful spirit and lovely home.  I loved working with you too Yovanna!”

“Karen’s fantastic! We love our home, thanks to Karen’s
design ideas. She kept our contemporary style in mind, while
Incorporating most of our existing furnishings and decor. We get tons of compliments! She’s so easy to work with; we would hire her again in a heartbeat…”
Millie, Glendale, AZ

Karen’s response:

“Such a lovely family, I really enjoyed getting to know you better and working through your living and dining room décor!”


“Karen is professional, creative and helpful!
She made the design process fun, thorough, and ideal for my home.”                       Katy H., Glendale, AZ

Karen’s response:

“Katy, we can’t wait to see how the renovation comes together.  You are such a joy to work with”


“We hired Karen to help with the staging process to sell our home. I am so thankful that Karen was referred to us. She had great suggestions on what needed to be removed, how things should be placed and a design palette that was perfect for my taste. karen was honest about the work that needed to go into the process and the cost was reasonable and worth every dollar. If we need another Interior Designer in the future, I would definitely call Karen again!”

Beth S., Queen Creek, AZ

Karen’s response:

“Thank you Beth, we were delighted to work with you and your family on this Staging.  Wishing all the best in your new home!”

“One word that sums up my experience working with 3D Design Edge is… Wow! Karen and her team were fabulous to work with. My expectations were met-100%. They were professional, knowledgeable and executed the plan for the task at hand. I plan to work with 3D Design Edge again for future projects.”

Erica D., East Valley, Arizona

Karen’s response:

“Amazing team effort Erica, we loved how everything turned out and to have an above asking offer on the first showing!  Well, it took our breathe away, thank you for the opportunity.”

“Karen and her team are amazing! I would recommend her to anyone. her customer service and details are top notch!”

Greg P., Scottsdale, AZ

Team 3DDE response:

“Greg it’s been amazing getting to know you,  we look forward to seeing how this project comes together.  Thanks for the awesome review.”

3D Design Edge provides the fashion forward homeowner with Interior Design and Staging services. Call us today for more details.

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Home Office Organization

August 15, 2017

A healthy habit of Home Office Organization can save clients so much time and unnecessary frustration. When I first meet with clients I assess their homes organization. This is not to shame them into a tidy mindset, instead it’s something I’ve admired from friends and strongly cultivated in my own life. When everything has a place, there is a sense of calm.  Plus the ability to locate exactly what you need at a moments notice, is just so richly satisfying.

Here are my top 3 suggestions to get started:

Home Office Design

1.  Office Desk and Chair

The solid foundation for an efficient office begin with finding a practical work desk and office chair- even with the lap top and tablets of today we need a reserved spot to handle bills and file them away. If you’ve never considered a desk or don’t feel you have space, talk to your Designer to help you make room. I stress this for two reasons. First, having a place to sit and journal/ blog, pay bills or study will increase your sense of balance and mindfulness.

Secondly, a desk with side shelves means all your paperwork essentials are conveniently at your finger tips.  Quickly locate past bills that are marked paid with a confirmation number. Add a special photo frame, a plant and don’t forget a cute lamp.   Also forget about breaking the bank to make this transition.  Desk and chair sets are widely available and can be incorporated for right around $1250.00.

2. Find 3 durable file boxes-

a.) I started this habit after leaving home for University.  The file box is invaluable and can keep you on target as you work towards those year round goals and new years resolutions.  Let’s imagine that you’re planning a big investment like a home or a landscaping package.  By having your file box, the bills are paid and accounted for, plus there’s a folder to remind you why you skipped Starbucks this month to save towards your goal.

b.) Accordion File Box- Every year the day after Thanksgiving, I’ll relocate the current years files to an Accordion style box.  This meant all of year 20__ files we’re easily located behind the previous year for the following tax season.

c.) File Later Magazine Box- when you come in the house, open up bills but don’t have time to file them- this box can be a life saver.

3.) Parking items in their respective valet

Actively grouping like things together is paramount.  For example, on your sofa side table that may mean all the smalls and littles are compartmentalizing into one valet.  Same concept in your night stand drawer.  In the bathroom, same idea- group brushes, small bottles and large bottles all together.  This will go along way when it’s time to clean and declutter.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.


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What if I need to make late changes?

July 15, 2017

Late changes, at one time, was the leading cause of concern for clients moving through the design process.  Now thanks to the advances in innovation and technology we are able to take a lot of clients fear out of the equation with 3D software.  Here’s how the industry has improved the confidence of our Design clients.

1.) Renderings add Visual Value-

From traffic patterns, to colors and finishes,  a rendering can answer many material and placement questions similar to labor intensive hand drawings of the past.  I feel fortunate to have learned both types of artistry in my Fine Arts training.   It’s given me an intense appreciation for original sets of drawings are created.

The convenience of CAD is one reason so many companies invest it’s software.  Clients who are concerned about changes, once they see the drawings, are able to reimage their spaces true potential.  With out these important renderings it can be difficult to imagine how a room will tie together.  Which is why we utilize them.

2.) Why we advise against late changes-

When it comes to feeling unsettled, there’s typically uneasiness surrounding a decision.  Late changes are simply the result of a clients unanswered questions.  Second guessing unfortunately creates an undesired domino effect.  A better way to handle this insecurity is with your Follow Up Appointment.  This uncertainty is resolved as your Designer shows and explains how each piece fits.  Moving forward, each item is selected to compliment your homes story.  If you’re upfront about your lifestyle and priorities it’s much less likely that late changes become an issue down the road.

Story Board

3.) The downside of late changes- Fees

Going outside the initial parameters, results in a less positive outcome.  Re-stocking fees are one consequence.  Billings occur to cover the design staffs time factor.  These are fees that could be avoided.

Keep in mind- When items are out-of-stock or on back order, the change order should go through your Designer.  These are late changes that are non-fee based decisions.  Your designer is trained to manage your project in high detail.  We can also visualize the end result and select the next best option.

4.) The other side of the coin- Early Purchases

Because of our years of experience in the field, we can usually tell how a project will unfold based on how much a client purchases prior to the consultation.  We’ll discuss this further at your Initial Consultation.


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