3 Staging tips for a Successful Listing

August 31, 2018

With important factors like location and schools to consider, one thing Realtors agree on is that staging sells homes.  With almost two decades in the industry I can attest to the transformative power of staging.

Traditional Kitchen Staging

Here are 3 tips that help advance our Listings in the competitive Phoenix market.

1.) Outline traffic patterns and create a visual story board

Because less than 10% of buyers can re-imagine a space without furnishings it’s important to provide those traffic cues for them.  Then they are better able to gauge how life will unfold for them in each room.

Traditional Office Staging


2.) Cozy finishes add warmth

Here we added a few simple elements that created that coveted move-right-in feel.  An elegant rug and decorative pillows.  Creative table top accessories and lamps.  The dining table center piece arranged by our lead designer and table runner all tie in beautifully.


Front Room Staging

3.) Win with Styling

Our Design staff communicates the staging goals with clients.  We simplify what shows using 3D visual guidelines for their Installation appointment.  This helps us avoid costly miscommunication and keeps us on task for the day of delivery.

3D Story Visuals

If you’re in the Phoenix metroplex and need some assistance through the staging or design process just reach out.

Want more info?  To have our Staging Statistics Newsletter sent to you or your client, just message us at info@3ddesignedge.com

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