Desk Organization for Busy Professionals

January 31, 2018

Desk Decor

Just recently I’ve added a new habit to my before bed routine and it works wonders so I thought I’d share.  What I’ve discovered is the amazing power of keeping my office desk tidy!  There is something so soothing about waking up to a cleaned off desk.  It’s been giving me that extra boost of energy and hope I need in the morning.



Here is what I’ve been using to make it super simple.  Appetizer containers for the tiny and littles like push pins, paper clips and stamps.  Treasure hunt results from Michaels ($4).



Another helpful tip is if you have a lot of medium sized items to keep organized I recommend a clear makeup cubby.  This keeps all my thank you cards, pens and post its in a visible space that’s right at my finger tips.



The little pineapple dish thats holds my motivational magnets. It’s  fun to look at and adds some whimsical fun on those dull days.  We love a little desk eye candy so it was worth the splurge at $12.00 for both.


A floral element can perk up an otherwise ordinary day and this  one I found at World Market certainly brightens my busy work load.  The tinted green jar vase was only $2.00 so the total with flower bundle came to a ten dollar score! (happy dance)

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