Desert Friendly Greenery

October 1, 2017

We love quality greenery and these suggestions are no exception.  Without the least bit of effort they accomplish so much.  Every trip to market there is something new and surprising, so we thought we’d share a few gems that have inspired our studio.  These are just a few of our low-maintenance picks to add warmth and personality to your home decor.

1.) Score Major Style Points with Succulents

Adding miniature succulents is a sure way to upgrade your décor.  They are not only practical but can help create that polished look we find in magazines.  We love mixing these into all of our projects here in the desert to add to the charm and character of cozy desert living spaces.

Add elegance to a book shelfor soften a coffee table with these great looks

2.) Picture a perfectly layered vignette

Adding greenery above your cabinets without over doing it can welcome the outdoors in.  By layering botanicals with other decorative elements creates a more inviting environment for your loved ones.   Plus we love the look without the up keep.  Did you know we can arrange these and other florals by hand for your project?

3.) Create an Elegant Table Setting

If your looking to bring nature indoors but aren’t sure where to start may we suggest the timeless elegance of topiaries.  They work well with most décor schemes and are a great addition to any room.  Plus if you want a more organic look, these topiaries are one of our favorite accessories.  They are perfectly manicured and add a touch of whimsy without the fuss of regular watering.  Just remember to spritz the leaves every other week or so to keep them looking and smelling fresh.


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