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August 23, 2017

We believe there’s nothing like doing what you’re truly passionate about.  Our work is so rewarding because of the lives we’re able to change through the design process.  And because design has such a huge impact on clients everyday lifestyle, we love hearing back from them.  From full home staging to redesigns to floor plans for Realtors, the greatest compliment we receive is our past clients referrals.

Furniture Floor Plan

This floor plan was added to the homes listing packet and helped this agent sell this home in less than 70 days.

“Great work.
I was very impressed. ”
Debra A., Gilbert, AZ

Karen’s Response:

“Thank you so much for the opportunity, Debra!  It was great working with you and the homeowner”

“Karen helped me design a smaller living
space to appear larger…
We added a mirror which I never would have thought of which made the kitchen look larger…
we created a wonderful sitting area with a couple of chairs and room for dancing which is my passion. I got to know Karen a little more and she is a beautiful person inside and out. ”
Yovanna F., Scottsdale, AZ

Karen’s response:

“What a beautiful spirit and lovely home.  I loved working with you too Yovanna!”

“Karen’s fantastic! We love our home, thanks to Karen’s
design ideas. She kept our contemporary style in mind, while
Incorporating most of our existing furnishings and decor. We get tons of compliments! She’s so easy to work with; we would hire her again in a heartbeat…”
Millie, Glendale, AZ

Karen’s response:

“Such a lovely family, I really enjoyed getting to know you better and working through your living and dining room décor!”


“Karen is professional, creative and helpful!
She made the design process fun, thorough, and ideal for my home.”                       Katy H., Glendale, AZ

Karen’s response:

“Katy, we can’t wait to see how the renovation comes together.  You are such a joy to work with”


“We hired Karen to help with the staging process to sell our home. I am so thankful that Karen was referred to us. She had great suggestions on what needed to be removed, how things should be placed and a design palette that was perfect for my taste. karen was honest about the work that needed to go into the process and the cost was reasonable and worth every dollar. If we need another Interior Designer in the future, I would definitely call Karen again!”

Beth S., Queen Creek, AZ

Karen’s response:

“Thank you Beth, we were delighted to work with you and your family on this Staging.  Wishing all the best in your new home!”

“One word that sums up my experience working with 3D Design Edge is… Wow! Karen and her team were fabulous to work with. My expectations were met-100%. They were professional, knowledgeable and executed the plan for the task at hand. I plan to work with 3D Design Edge again for future projects.”

Erica D., East Valley, Arizona

Karen’s response:

“Amazing team effort Erica, we loved how everything turned out and to have an above asking offer on the first showing!  Well, it took our breathe away, thank you for the opportunity.”

“Karen and her team are amazing! I would recommend her to anyone. her customer service and details are top notch!”

Greg P., Scottsdale, AZ

Team 3DDE response:

“Greg it’s been amazing getting to know you,  we look forward to seeing how this project comes together.  Thanks for the awesome review.”

3D Design Edge provides the fashion forward homeowner with Interior Design and Staging services. Call us today for more details.

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Home Office Organization

August 15, 2017

A healthy habit of Home Office Organization can save clients so much time and unnecessary frustration. When I first meet with clients I assess their homes organization. This is not to shame them into a tidy mindset, instead it’s something I’ve admired from friends and strongly cultivated in my own life. When everything has a place, there is a sense of calm.  Plus the ability to locate exactly what you need at a moments notice, is just so richly satisfying.

Here are my top 3 suggestions to get started:

Home Office Design

1.  Office Desk and Chair

The solid foundation for an efficient office begin with finding a practical work desk and office chair- even with the lap top and tablets of today we need a reserved spot to handle bills and file them away. If you’ve never considered a desk or don’t feel you have space, talk to your Designer to help you make room. I stress this for two reasons. First, having a place to sit and journal/ blog, pay bills or study will increase your sense of balance and mindfulness.

Secondly, a desk with side shelves means all your paperwork essentials are conveniently at your finger tips.  Quickly locate past bills that are marked paid with a confirmation number. Add a special photo frame, a plant and don’t forget a cute lamp.   Also forget about breaking the bank to make this transition.  Desk and chair sets are widely available and can be incorporated for right around $1250.00.

2. Find 3 durable file boxes-

a.) I started this habit after leaving home for University.  The file box is invaluable and can keep you on target as you work towards those year round goals and new years resolutions.  Let’s imagine that you’re planning a big investment like a home or a landscaping package.  By having your file box, the bills are paid and accounted for, plus there’s a folder to remind you why you skipped Starbucks this month to save towards your goal.

b.) Accordion File Box- Every year the day after Thanksgiving, I’ll relocate the current years files to an Accordion style box.  This meant all of year 20__ files we’re easily located behind the previous year for the following tax season.

c.) File Later Magazine Box- when you come in the house, open up bills but don’t have time to file them- this box can be a life saver.

3.) Parking items in their respective valet

Actively grouping like things together is paramount.  For example, on your sofa side table that may mean all the smalls and littles are compartmentalizing into one valet.  Same concept in your night stand drawer.  In the bathroom, same idea- group brushes, small bottles and large bottles all together.  This will go along way when it’s time to clean and declutter.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.


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