What if I need to make late changes?

July 15, 2017

Late changes, at one time, was the leading cause of concern for clients moving through the design process.  Now thanks to the advances in innovation and technology we are able to take a lot of clients fear out of the equation with 3D software.  Here’s how the industry has improved the confidence of our Design clients.

1.) Renderings add Visual Value-

From traffic patterns, to colors and finishes,  a rendering can answer many material and placement questions similar to labor intensive hand drawings of the past.  I feel fortunate to have learned both types of artistry in my Fine Arts training.   It’s given me an intense appreciation for original sets of drawings are created.

The convenience of CAD is one reason so many companies invest it’s software.  Clients who are concerned about changes, once they see the drawings, are able to reimage their spaces true potential.  With out these important renderings it can be difficult to imagine how a room will tie together.  Which is why we utilize them.

2.) Why we advise against late changes-

When it comes to feeling unsettled, there’s typically uneasiness surrounding a decision.  Late changes are simply the result of a clients unanswered questions.  Second guessing unfortunately creates an undesired domino effect.  A better way to handle this insecurity is with your Follow Up Appointment.  This uncertainty is resolved as your Designer shows and explains how each piece fits.  Moving forward, each item is selected to compliment your homes story.  If you’re upfront about your lifestyle and priorities it’s much less likely that late changes become an issue down the road.

Story Board

3.) The downside of late changes- Fees

Going outside the initial parameters, results in a less positive outcome.  Re-stocking fees are one consequence.  Billings occur to cover the design staffs time factor.  These are fees that could be avoided.

Keep in mind- When items are out-of-stock or on back order, the change order should go through your Designer.  These are late changes that are non-fee based decisions.  Your designer is trained to manage your project in high detail.  We can also visualize the end result and select the next best option.

4.) The other side of the coin- Early Purchases

Because of our years of experience in the field, we can usually tell how a project will unfold based on how much a client purchases prior to the consultation.  We’ll discuss this further at your Initial Consultation.


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Interior Design – Room Color Palette Selection

July 5, 2017

What are the influences that effect our mood and environment most?  If you guessed color then bravo you’re correct!  More and more studies shows the powerful impact of color on health and well being.  Whether or not your ready to infuse your space with rich hues and scrumptious shades, color is lasting and reflects your personality profoundly.

So, lets dive right in!

1.) Color Story Board-

Vibrant Lime Green is sure to add some energy to an otherwise cold and uninviting space.  But perhaps you’re not quite ready to take such a drastic plunge.  What I love about design is experimenting with palettes.  This palette displays how fresh and innovative this palette can feel without a full room redo.  By updating your wall décor,  selecting some floor art or adding a coordinating throw and toss pillows we’re able to instantly update an otherwise sterile space.

More than a feeling

Look through your clothing closet, what’s the repetitive color that keeps turning up?  Deep inside us is an inclination towards certain patterns and motifs.  Become in tune with this palette and notice how it typically flows outward to other areas in your life.  Here is a small sample from our color stories Design Look Book.  We build on these concepts at your Initial Consultation Appointment.


2.)  Your Palette is all about Personal Preference

Maybe you’re ready to learn more about  infusion.  The first step in our design process is an Initial Consultation.  During this appointment we narrow your color and style preferences.  The best part of a consultation is learning your likes and dislikes.  It’s important to be able to communicate to our design staff.  If you’re like us you have styles you gravitate towards and other styles you maybe have an appreciation for but don’t prefer them in your home.  That’s perfectly ok,  differences are what make design beautiful.


3.) Inspiration in Surround Sound

The most fun projects are inspired by what you hold near and dear.  The pond photo above came from my parents backyard.  Growing up we made so many memories out in the garden.  Your project inspiration is what makes your story special.  So after the Initial Consultation our trained staff will have a better idea of what hues and tones appeal to you and your family.  Once we’re clear on color direction, we’ll present you with idea boards that reflect the palette you’re comfortable with. With so many choices on the market today, this step is one of the most critical in the successful collaboration of your project.

4.) So tell us, what inspires you?

Our expertise in design and ability to communicate your vision, enable us to pull your space together. Using light, color, texture and scale we craft a space that’s uniquely yours. Some of the items we’ll discuss with our clients are the emotional power of color and its proven impact on health and vitality.  Some interesting facts about color are its ability to increase appetite as well as speed up healing and recover in hospitals.  Color can soothe or irritate a new born,  it can also increase learning or slow the absorption of new information.The importance of tying your space together using color and how we plan your color story is custom fit to your family’s needs.

From 3D Design Edge Color Wheel -Style Book

5.) Filtering through the online noise

One way we begin narrowing your preferences is with our custom Style book. We cover a wide array of amazing combinations. These examples further bring to light the power of color in interior design. The palette you choose can energize your environment or create a calm, serene oasis. Color in your accessories and art work can infuse your space with personality and breathe new life into an otherwise boring space. If your not quite ready to take the leap, we’re happy to bring over fabric samples for clients to slowly warm up to.

6.) Palette Selection Follow up Appointment

We also understand that bold color concepts are not for everyone. Thankfully, Digital Style boards are one way we can create a simulated space with inspirational palettes for our clients to test drive. These inspiration boards are help clients navigate the many differences in palette shades, tones and saturation. Once we narrow this palette we come back to your home with sample boards and material swatches. These visual presentations help us further along in the ultimate completion of your project.

7.)  Your Installation Appointment

The true test of your palette selection shine through at your delivery.  It’s when all your elements combine for a well appointed interior.  Here our clients were thrilled with their final results.  The colors, finishes and textures all married beautifully for Space they could be proud to show off.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Interior Design and Staging services to meet all your Home Styling needs.  Call us today for more details…

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