Furniture Hallmarks of Quality

March 15, 2017

Are you preparing to purchase major furniture pieces? Perhaps you’re looking at furniture stores or online and wondering if the quality measures up.  Let’s be honest not every family has similar lifestyle needs?  Is important you know what to look for and what to ignore.  Thankfully our extensive background in furniture retail allows us to advise clients.  We can study a piece and recommend what will hold up and what to forgo when it comes to furnishings.

1.) Construction Knowledge

Restoration cabinet

Because furniture is a big investment, there are many industry standards and terms you need to be aware of.   Knowing some basic construction terminology will equip you to make the smartest choices.  We cover basic industry terminology at the Initial Consultation and follow up appointments.

2.) Soft goods and Case Goods

Phoenix High Rise project


Sourcing for these furnishings may seem a little daunting, and rightly so, your making important decisions that have a long term impact on your family.

Case goods for example come in different price points because of the these hallmarks.  Dovetail drawers are a sought after quality for Bedroom and Living Room furniture.  Corner blocking and reinforced backing are also indicative of good craftsmanship.  How a sofa or chair are manufactured are paramount in rooms our clients use on a daily basis.  The fabric rub test may also determine the life of your soft goods.

3.) Quality coveys maturity

Depending on where your at with your finances, it’s likely that at some point you’re fed up wasting money on disposable pieces.  You’ll likely transition to being ready to embark on adult worthy furniture.  Maybe it’s not to impressed your family and friends but instead show your loved ones you’re interested in putting down roots.

Sample Board


We make it a point to take caution regarding the cushion make-up and fabric wear ability to help guide clients towards quality selections within their parameters.  Case-goods are just as important with prices ranging greatly.  Things to consider especially in Arizona are the kiln dried process and number of steps in the staining and finishing process.  You don’t want to order something that will fall apart coming off a container or become distress while your on an extended vacation.

4.) Stretching your budget

While there is nothings wrong with starting off modestly, there ARE some hallmarks that will stretch your furniture budget much farther in the long run.  Our designer is happy to accompany you on this journey.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.


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Inspiration Boards add Visual Value

March 1, 2017

The value of design visuals

At University, Computer Animated Design (CAD) was newly introduced to our student curriculum.  We were all so excited about the doors it would open.  In reality though that was the tip of the iceberg.  There is still so much to learn however, the technology is always changing and improving.

1.) What is Layering

Since graduating I’ve noticed how much quicker CAD and layering software is evolving.  We’re no longer limited to only one or two programs like Autodesk or Olio.  I’m eager to share in projects the innovations that are now available.  One major advancement is the new software’s ability to layer objects.  On design boards this capacity is so helpful in communicating vision.


2.) Notable Characteristics

Another impressive feature of Design Boards is the ability to scroll through room scenes with a 360° vantage point.  Clients love the ability to preview before purchasing and these are some ways were able to save them time and money. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing your projects on track.

On the other hand one important thing to consider is not all your products will show up in a rendering.  Due to the limited data space in most drawings, we’re only able to add some of what we propose for your finished project.

3.) Favorite Feature

What do we like most about Inspiration Boards?  It’s the ability to capture your story and relay it with visuals.  You may also have heard of these boards referred to as Idea boards, Vision Board, Style Boards and Mood Boards.  They are also commonly referred to as sets or edesign boards in many circles.  There all expressing a collective concept of what it is we imagine in your home.


4.) Up and Downs in Design


Based on the information you’ve shared with our consultants, these board can help simplify what the market is currently offering.  Due to the nature of retail obsolescence, colors and offering can vary from season to season.  This is one unfortunate side of the business.  What may be popular one day could vanish the next without notice.  So what is available often depends greatly on supply and demand in the market place.  These are important things to consider when discussing a timeline with your Designer.

5.) Exclusivity

Desert Chic- Neutrals

On the bright side of market fluctuations is exclusivity.  Ever notice how more and more consumer are increasingly design savvy?  What this means for you is the allure of what’s unattainable.  If you’re like us, it matters to you that not all of your neighborhood have the same mirrors.  What’s elusive is mysterious and if everyone has access to everything all the time, how can anyone distinguish between what’s special and what’s ordinary.  You on the other hand can stand out from your friends with distinctive furniture and accessories.

6.) Communicating Preferences

Besides learning about your preferences, we also like to walk you through a certain methodical process.  The goal of the steps is to ultimately deliver your ideal space in a reasonable amount of time.  Be sure to communicate what’s most important to your family, budget parameters and timeline.  There’s no such thing as a silly questions in design  If your unsure why a suggestion was recommended let your designer know so we can clarify how the item fits.

7.) Summary

Palette Inspiration- The Islands

To sum up what we covered: The Board creation phase of your project helps communicate the vision.  To streamline the details and pair down your offerings.  They specify exact items that will be installed. Not all items from the design board will transfer to 3D renderings.  Effectiveness of the boards come through painting your big picture.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.