When Will I Receive My Drawings?

February 15, 2017

It’s not uncommon that most clients imagine the Design process unfolding like on HGTV.  The reality however is the Design progress takes time.  We want to get it right the first time and that takes a great deal of effort.  It involves energy from our team in narrowing your preferences and your focused project input on a regular basis to pull it all together.  And while it’s up to us to set you up with realistic expectations, we still want to make it fun and engaging for you and your loved ones.  At the Initial Consultation we’ll delve further into our design process.  For now, however, here’s what you need to know about accepting your document delivery.

1.) How soon can we see the Design Ideas?

From project to project this turn-around varies.  I have created a system that streamlines your selections method which allows us to generate drawings for the Follow up Consultation.  This Initial narrowing Consultation helps us progress with a firm grasp of your styling parameters.

So depending on how many rooms we’re completing and the complexity of your style, this time frame can fluctuate greatly.  Typically for 1-2 spaces, once all the furniture and art work is firmed up, you’ll have your images within 15-30 days of your Initial appointment.  We release these drawings at your Follow Up Consultation.  The Follow Up is when we discuss how everything fits with your traffic patterns and how the elements tie together cohesively.

What’s Included?

1.) Floor Plan-

Your scaled drawing with traffic flow and furniture arrangement

2.) Sample Boards –

Include: accessory, paint, fabric ,window treatments, lamps, art and rug recommendations.

3.) Full Room Estimate- The itemization of what’s required

When Will My Room Be Delivered?


Delivered Space

Depending on how quickly we’re able to move through the Design Process we typically see a time frame of 21- 31 days from the Follow Up Consultation as long as there are no late changes.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.

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3DDE Mary Kay Inspired Home Office

February 1, 2017

The true beauty of a project comes from the people we meet and are fortunate enough to work with.  Our client here is so pretty inside and out we wanted her space to reflect her sweet nature.


To add character to the low ceiling we found the petite “rain chandelier” which is delicate and feminine.    The symbolic Butterfly prints display the amazing transformative power of feeling good about yourself.  The open shelving system brings life into the small space and reminds us of the power to remain open to new experiences.  We love the rug we found because it’s funky and fun and adds pattern and balance to the otherwise quite space.  All the elements come together to create a space where the client and her guest feel welcome.

After discussing our room inspiration, we wanted to infuse the space with a splash of color.  Think young, vibrant, fun and flirty.

Here is the Inspiration palette for the space:

These roses were the starting point for where we wanted to room to take us.  So we played up the soft pink hue and added a few dark shades for a harmonious balance.  We all absolutely loved the blend!

The 3D Rendering view allowed us to give her a 360 degree perspective into  the space.  This feature of our service is particularly helpful for clients who have a hard time visualizing just based on words and sample boards.

Are you curious about how to get started on your next project?

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.


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