Instant Room Refresh With Pillows

January 15, 2017

With the start of a new year it’s important to ask “Have you been neglecting your home environment?”  We’re not asking to judge because we’ve certainly all been there.  You wake up one day and home just feels ordinary.  If this is something you can relate to- keep reading for our tips on how to refresh your space.

1.) Compliment & Coordinate with Pillows

A new pillow update is the perfect answer for a quick and elegant update.  We love a good pillow swap out for a simple and affordable room re-design.  Why not complete your spruce up by coordinating window treatments, bedding and coverlets for perfectly paired feel

2.) Custom Pillows

With so many great choices and the opportunity for one-of-a-kind pillows, we mix and match for your most remarkable makeovers.  Want to really up your stylish factor?  Think custom.  It’s the perfect alternative to retail offerings and makes your space pop.  When we can’t locate exactly what you’re looking for in stores we turn to our textile library and really have fun with coordinating fabrics.  Taylor-made works best when you need a swoon worthy redesign.  And it’s exactly why model homes always look and feel so pulled together.

3.) Sourcing

For clients who want something special, 3D Design Edge can custom make your pillow selections.  We have a full library of in-stock fabrics and decorative trim to choose from.  There are so many more options that we offer in our Digital Look Book- available for preview at the Initial Consultation appointment.


3D Design Edge provides the fashion forward homeowner with Interior Design and Staging services. Call us today for more details.

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When should I schedule my Initial Consultation?

January 15, 2017

You’ll want to make sure you’re ducks are in a row before meeting with your Designer for the Initial Consultation.  This assessment and measuring appointment last 2-3 hours and sets the tone for project success. The timeline however depends on where you’re at in the process.  We recommend calling to schedule as soon as possible.  Our Designer has extensive experience in Home Styling and Furniture Retail so you’ve want to include her in the decision making, early on.  Be sure to check out the related article: Hallmarks of Quality  as well as Your Initial Consultation for more information on how to get started.

1.) Fresh Start with First of the Year Scheduling

Many clients like to schedule at the beginning of the year.  Things settle from the Holidays and they’re ready to tackle the next home project.  Because of the accelerated nature of retail recommendations budgeting needs to be firmly in place.  In this case if you’re looking to use cash rather than credit we recommend after your income tax return is secured.

2.) New Home Scheduling

If you’ve purchased a new home and are looking to go into the design process with your builder, I’d recommend a consultation ASAP.

3.) Important Information…

While we do provide an estimate for services, your Designer can only work with what you have available.  We do not offer financing so you’ll need to be prepared with your investment.  At your first Consultation we’ll go into greater detail about how we recommend allocating funds for your project if you need advisement on how on get started.

4.) Pulling the details of your project together

Once the renderings are completed, we’ve found, the most cohesive projects allow the Designer to make purchases on behalf of their clients.  This means at the Follow Up Appointment when you’re ready to move forward with our suggestions, we’ll collect payment for the rooms completion.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details

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New Build Assistance

January 7, 2017

One of the most exciting endeavors is preparing to purchase a new home.

When searching for a new home there’s the thrill of finding the perfect location.  The rush of locating an excellent school system, not to mention all the amenities that make a neighborhood feel cozy.  What’s often overlooked however, is choosing a designer to help you lock in the proper home finishes.



Furniture Floor Plan

1.) Map out a Style Plan

Creation of a style map cannot be overstated.  Since the specifications need to flow with your lifestyle as well as the furnishing all tying in cohesively.  With all your options you need an intentional focus when it comes to your finishes. What happens instead, is most buyers forget the big picture.  Ultimately adding value and longevity to your greatest asset is why we love helping our clients.

2.) Outlets, Lighting and Energy Efficiency Know-how

If you’re building a new home here in the East Valley of Phoenix, we can meet with you for an Initial Consultation or at your final design- Builder Appointment.  Our years of experience working for one of the Valleys leading builders equipped us with what you need to know for your new home.

Buyers Guide

3.) Wall Color, Flooring and Cabinet Finishes

From wall color and lighting placement to flooring and cabinet finishes we’ve helped over 400+ clients through the new-construction process.  Perhaps you just need reassurance that everything ties in with your existing aesthetic. Our design career began with consulting for a national semi-custom home-builder.  We can help you navigate the trendy waters of fixtures and appointments.  Our hope is that your home reflects what’s timeless and elegant.

Concept to Completion Design Assistance

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.



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These new home appointments need to fit and flow with the overall projected home visuals.  Ultimately adding value and longevity to the clients greatest appreciating asset is why we love helping our clients.