Scottsdale Mountain View

December 4, 2016

3D Design Edge specializes in helping to bring your project from concept to completion.  Today we’re sharing with you one of our favorite projects:  Scottsdale Mountain View.  It is a good reflection of the styles we tend to gravitate towards for a clean and classic contemporary feel.

Main Living Space (Before)- Scottsdale Mountain View

1.) Start with the end in mind

Everyday we meet with clients who have tons of ideas but aren’t sure how to best approach their project from start to finish.  They’ve seen spaces on TV, clipped images from magazines and done their homework online to save the most money.  They asked for our trained eye to help pull it all together.  With 3D Design Edge, from ideas to implementation, we’ve got you covered.

Design Inspiration-Medallion

2.) Creatively implement your project Inspiration

What we bring to your project is 17 years of Design, Marketing and Retail Experience.  From selecting a color palette that best fits your needs, to sourcing locally and purchasing all the items- clients want a plan they can put into action.

Accent Wall Inspiration-Art Work by 3DDE

3.) Bringing your Vision to Life

We have a strong vision and stay current on what’s trending.  You need an advocate to balance this with what’s timeless, all in an effort to help you make smart buying decisions.  Your home is one of your greatest assets and with a background in Design and Real Estate we know what finish mistakes to avoid.

Open Concept

Where most clients typically get stuck is with the complexity of the design process.  The design process is a detailed and methodical implementation of steps that lead to a projects ultimate success.

Kitchen Story Board- L/R View

4.)  Finding Palette Inspiration


Living Spaces- Herringbone Rug

When the client expressed their love of neutrals we found them the ideal inspiration rug for their sleeping retreat.  With the green light on the Inspiration for their Interior, all systems were a go, so and we were able to get starting building their dream schematics.

High Contrast Palette-Couple Suite

5.) Palette Story Board

With a long wish list of items they needed to live comfortably, we went to work to create the perfect get-it-done strategy plan.  After seeing how seamless their project came together for the couple suite- they were ready to move forward with plans for the main living space.

Desert Chic-Inspiration Profile

6.) Design Sample Boards

It wasn’t long before they had what they needed to get the ball rolling, they requested all items sourced locally in order to gauge the quality of their furnishings.

Clean/ Modern-Kitchen Concept
Kitchen Rendering

7.) Renderings provide you with the full picture preview

With a good grasp of what they needed to elevate their existing Kitchen, we got to work on sourcing the appropriate appliances and finishes to make this space the families dream focal point.  So much of their life involved the Kitchen to it needed to be functional and make a strong statement.

Not wanting to break their momentum they were happy to receive plans for their ideal great room.  The open concept came together just as they’d imagined and the only step left was to finalize their purchases.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.

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