Achieving Your Dream Home Goals Through Budgeting (part 1/2)

August 1, 2016

What’s the hardest part of prepping for a project?

Most clients would agree it’s saving for their Dream Home.  Rest assured, you’re not alone if you too struggle in this area.  Saving take planning and requires a serious commitment to changing your usual habits.  So whether it’s a new home or a 20 year plan in the making, we’re sharing here what’s worked for us (tips 1-4)

1.  Start with the why –

For many of us home equates to their castle.  It’s where memories are treasured with family and loved ones.  It’s where after a long day you retreat from life’s stresses.  Home is our soft place to land and when it’s clean, decorated and cozy, we feel secure.  Home also has many implications on our health and well-being.  When it’s neat and uncluttered, we think more clearly.  We can make better choices in our nutrition and work-out choices.  And we can plan ahead for things like family outings and vacations.  There’s also peace-of-mind that comes from knowing where everything it when we need it.  All these reasons are why home décor is important. They’re why we need to make home a priority and cultivate it as our safe place with logic and intent.

2. Stay the course-

Committing to this new disciplined lifestyle is paramount.  Budgeting is laying a strong foundation.  One that will impact the future of your family.  Undoubtedly, it will cost you time and energy.  Where in the past you’ve likely been spending on auto-pilot, saving requires thoughtfulness and self-control.  However, the stability and calm you’ll gain, once you start seeing results, is priceless.

3. Ask for an accountability partner-

If you need a little extra assistance, ask your designer.  We can help you with this and getting you organized.  By being upfront and honest about where you struggle, we are better equipped to make suggestions.

4. You’re only human-

Will it will take time? Absolutely.  Will you want to give up, we hope not, but probably.  Will it feel super uncomfortable? At first, for sure.  However, like all healthy habits, over time it becomes more natural.  Start with the why and stay accountable.  The best part is the results are ultra-satisfying.

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