Finding the Perfect Floor Art – Rugs

November 12, 2015

On a recent completed commission, we mapped out this article for our client newsletter. Since then others have asked about our rug expertise. Here is a brief summary of terms and variations we evaluate when helping our clients select the perfect rug.

1.) Style-

The style of your room is it Traditional, Transitional or Contemporary? Without going too into detail the room style will tell whether to choose an Antique Washed, Geometric or Minimal patterned rug.

2.) Material: Natural vs Synthetic

Furthermore, Floor Art can be divided into two more genres: Natural vs. Synthetic make-up. Your natural will consist of fibers like wool, silk, jute, or cotton/ blend.

3.) Coordination- sofa, pillows, window treatments.

To truly weave your room elements together, the color and texture are carefully considered. Your rugs fabrication and pattern should not overpower the rest of the rooms’ composition. Rather like a symphony of sounds, it should complement the other components in the space.


Geometric- Transitional

4.) Retail vs Online-


Because of the intricacies involved in rug selection, we typically source locally unless quality is less of a factor. For example if the rug is going into a Play room or Childs space where it will be replaced in the next couple of years.

5.) Construction-

Tiles, handmade, custom or machine made
This is the leading determinant of floor arts price point. Tiles are a great alternative in a kid’s room or play area. Handmade rugs are more labor intensive and generally cost more where custom rugs are ideal when a non-standard size is needed. Machine made rugs are the most widely available but lack flexibility when it comes to traditional color ways.

6.) Wear Ability and Maintenance-

When we’re discussing how durable a carpet is it’s best to look at how and what it’s made of. This is why you like to source in person, to gauge a rugs quality and make-up. There are strength test that help conclude how well a rug will hold up again every day wear and tear. In the way of maintenance, regular vacuuming to remove dirt will preserve the fibers from dismantling your floor art. Having a professional cleaning once a year for natural fiber rugs is recommended.

3D Visual Rendering

7.) Pad & Pricing Considerations

The pad we most commonly recommend for Arizona rugs is perfect for wood, tile or carpet installations. We bring a sample to the Follow-Up to demonstrate high quality and value. It is suggested for non-slip, helping the rug lay flat and holds up well without fear of it melting during the hot summer months.

How Rug Selection works:

At your Follow-Up Consultation- your Designer will have elected the best choice they found among thousands of options. This single selection is best suited for your Design Program based on the other elements within the space. Your rooms scale, other textiles, flooring and wall color all play a factor in this selection. We also consider color coordination, budget and timeline in making this choice. All in an effort to complete your rooms cohesive story.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.

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