How Wood Finishes add Character

August 31, 2015

So much of our homes revolve around wood.  From the sturdy studs and lofty trusses behind the drywall to the beautiful beams that reinforce our ceilings.  Woods quality and endurance help us add those special finishing touches.  And nothing but it’s rugged or refined grain can invite the handmade craftsmanship that we as homeowners crave.    When selected and sourced properly, wood can add a tremendous amount of warm and charm to our personal environment.

Here we will celebrate some of wood furnitures natural hallmarks.

1.) It’s uniqueness

So what’s unique about wood in Arizona?  Well most notably it requires moisture in order to thrive.  How many of you are like us?  You’re out shopping when out of the corner of your eye you spot the perfect accent chair that screams you over to inspect it.  Upon your closer look however, you notice it’s warped or splitting and beyond wood filler repair.  This is an almost everyday regular experience for designers in Arizona.  It’s this lack of air moisture that scares many homeowner away.  By selecting treated furnishings we can add to the woods life and help it flourish in our space.


2.) Treated Wood

So what do we mean by treated wood?  Well wood is an organic element.  When it’s cut from the living soil it becomes vulnerable to rot and other elements that can cause it to expand and contract.  This is why many furniture manufactures resorted to fabricating plywood and chip board processes in order to protect this occurrence.

All this technical talk simply means for the consumer: be certain to take pre-cautions.  There are many mid to high-end furnishings that come with gorgeous veneers and are priced relatively well for traditional consumers.  What adds to the cost are special hand finishes like glazing or distressing that ensure a depth that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

3.) Traditional vs. Modern

We prefer entry to mid furnishings for our more modern clients that take stains beautifully and stand up well in our Arizona heat.  When well constructed and kiln-dried, these pieces are fabricated to last well over a few decades.  With normal use, say at your Dining Table, a well manufactured  set can make a smart investment for you and your family for years to come.

furniture layout

4.) Involve Your Designer Early and Often

These large ticket items are purchases you want to discuss with your designer.  It doesn’t pay to gamble with so large an expenditure.  Consider purchasing the best quality with what you’ve allotted and it will pay off long term in your future.  Stay tuned for our future article: How selecting the right furnishing and can help you sell for top dollar.

5.) Narrowing Your Style

Once we narrow your style, we line up how we want your space to unfold.  This style resolution doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, for most we find them somewhere between Modern and Eclectic.   Every few years a new style rolls out in the industry, however with the right help you don’t have to feel left behind.

At the initial consultation we walk you through narrowing your style.  By preparing you to make selections.  Based on our experience of having worked with so many clients in our days of retail.  We can seamlessly connect with your style and move forward with the more engaging parts of your project.

3D Design Edge offers a wide range of Home Styling and Staging services to meet all your design needs.  Call us today for more details.

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